Become leader of the wildests beasts!

Battle of Beasts is browser strategy game, which is based on free-to-play model. The game is developed by Upjers stuido which guarantees the quality of the production. You will lead various of beats, level them up and fight with the opponents in RPG-like system!

The game combines the mechanics that cannot be found in other productions. There' s classic estate development, during which you will build dozens of different buildings, fulfilling various tasks. There also is the possibility of acquiring and breeding various fantastic beasts, which differ from each other in almost every respect – this allows you to create truly unique armies, adapted to specific tasks. The game is overwhelming with a vast array of possibilities, but, as usual, a very complex tutorial comes in the form of a few dozen feature tasks, which in an accessible, painless way introduces the player to the nuances of the game world, offering in return a whole array of free resources, experience, and other useful items. So it's worth doing them, even if you can do well without them.

In Battle of Beasts, as in most similar games, there is a settlement development system led by the player. It is relatively simple and boils down mainly to unlocking new content. With almost every activity - from recruiting units and sending them into battle to planting flowers around the roads - the player receives a certain amount of experience points. After exceeding the threshold, the player is automatically promoted to a higher level, which unlocks a number of new things - units, buildings, upgrades, or additional slots, which allow you to send more units to the fight. In addition, as you build new buildings or recruit new creatures, your settlement's reputation grows - the levels increase the number of subjects who settle in your domains, which in turn increases the amount of gold they generate.

In the game there is an interesting mechanism of cards. Each time you win a fight or a task, you have a chance to get a card that represents a part of the building, a decorative object or any other thing that occurs in the game. After collecting the required amount of cards (from 3 to the top), you can merge them together - after that, the item represented by the card will appear in your inventory and you will be able to use it. This saves a lot of gold and is a nice reward for attacking enemy areas. Of course, you can buy cards for diamonds (the "exclusive" currency here), but there is nothing to prevent you from simply completing them.

Since we are talking about the development of the settlement, we cannot fail to mention building. There are relatively many buildings in the game, and each of them has a unique function - there is no artificial filling in the style of ten identical buildings of each type, differing in price. Buildings are divided into several groups, such as buildings where you will find all the structures responsible for breeding the beast, or "Buildings and special buildings", which contain structures responsible for food production, and those that play a more "down-to-earth" role, such as giving the inhabitants a roof over their heads. Buildings can be upgraded, but that's no different from other games of this type - there's no single upgrade that has a certain number of levels, and each of them simply increases the production of the building. Here, each building has a few possible improvements - increasing production, shortening the time of production of goods, or the possibility of storing more of them - these are just a few examples. This means that the development of the settlement may look completely different than in the case of a player at a similar stage of development.

Beasts are the most important aspect of Battle of Beasts. Although there are only 7 types of units to choose from, which unlock as you reach the next level of settlement, they differ in every inch. Each unit is represented by 4 statistics: Attack strength, perseverance, speed and defense. It doesn't work in such a way that the "higher" unit has all the higher coefficients - Hornet has large attack, but his defense leaves a lot to be desired, while Spider has an above-average speed, but it occupies a lower pool of health points. It is impossible to fill the enemy with the "best" units, because there are no such units - during an attack they have to be selected in such a way that they are able to cope with the enemy. Each unit also has a special ability, and can gain experience levels by fighting or training in the homestead - each level increases its statistics and life points, and from level 5 you can also add extra points by hand. Regular feeding and disciplining of creatures also influences their development. The vast possibilities of development of individual beasts, as well as their uniqueness makes it possible to combine them despite their small size.

The game, apart from the development of the settlement, is based on attacking enemy areas. The player must select the area he wants to conquer, then select the appropriate army, checking the condition of the enemy army in order to check them as effectively as possible, and then send them to attack. At this point, the action moves to a special arena, where everything takes place in a turn-based system. Each unit can perform one action per turn, and the order in which the action is performed depends on the attribute "Speed" of all units - the higher, the faster the unit will move. The fight continues until only one player's creature remains on the battlefield. When a player wins a duel, gains the territory he attacked, the creatures used in the fight gain experience and, in addition, receive a small amount of experience for the settlement, gold and a piece of card.

As mentioned earlier, the game offers the possibility of micropayment. A small number of diamonds can be obtained during the execution of tasks, which, with a little bit of self-denial, allows you to collect an interesting amount of diamonds without spending a penny. Of course, you can buy them for real cash, but they are not required for the game - they offer, mainly, the speeding up of the execution of an action, such as producing a good or training a creature, and the options, which are reserved exclusively for players who want to pay with them, are really few and they do not give you a noticeable advantage. So you can easily compete with those who spend a lot of money on the game without spending a penny. If you're looking for a unique game where the quality of the units counts, not the quantity, and you don't want to spend astronomical amounts of cash on it, Battle of Beasts is the perfect choice for you. The game is very easy to play and offers a whole range of possibilities and personalization, so you will have hundreds of hours of fun to play.

A few starting tips for all the beastmasters:

  • If you don't have to, don't use diamonds to speed up actions - it's worth waiting a few minutes and saving valuable raw material, which you can use to, for example, shorten the construction time of a building, which normally lasts several hours, or make an improvement, which can only be done with diamonds,
  • No matter how you’re doing in the game, perform most of the storyline tasks - they offer a lot of gold and experience rewards, as well as useful Diamonds,
  • Regularly nourish and discipline your beasts - they will gain useful experience, and properly fed will gain a bonus during the fight,
  • Always spy on enemy forces before starting an attack - this way you can very easily control enemy units, reducing your losses,
  • Remember to train your beasts all the time - this is a free process, and subsequent levels of experience increase the effectiveness of your units,
  • When one of your beasts falls, remember that you can revive it - but don't use diamonds but gold. The same applies to healing - don't lose diamonds to cure the beasts immediately, but wait the required time.