Strategy for Ages!

If you always wanted to become a leader of your city and march on through the centuries, while creating your legend, you've come to the right place. InnoGames production – Forge of Empires – casts us in the vortex of a historic journey in which it depends on you how the fate of your virtual empire will roll. Build, command, raise - are you ready?

Forge of Empires

Available also on mobile:

Forge of Empires is a free browser strategy game, based on the legendary Age of Empires series. We will begin our adventure in the Stone Age with very limited resources and zero infrastructure. We will expand our empire step by step.

A very detailed tutorial based on virtual counselor will introduce us to the game world. We will solve both construction and economic issues here. Completing the tutorial is necessary to go to the next stages of the game, but thanks to its very intuitive pattern, it is neither time-consuming nor cumbersome. In addition, Forge of Empires is a game with a high level of complexity, so fast learning or repetition of mechanics will be useful even for the best strategists. By following the instructions of the computer, we will quickly advance to the Bronze Age, which will expand the range of our capabilities...

…and Forge of Empires offers a lot of them! What befits strategic game, the room for maneuver in developing our city is very complex. Our empire will need not only residential buildings, but also production, goods and military ones, as well as "culture" places. The last ones directly affect the satisfaction of residents, which is one of the game basic mechanics. Populations satisfactions means increased productivity! What is more a well-thought-out road network will be necessary to save space within the city. Planning our settlement of is crucial if we want to become world class leaders!

In order to move to the next eras in the game, it is necessary to break further technological barriers. However, you need a lot of patience. Even getting to the Iron Age is very time-consuming thing, not to mention advancing to subsequent ages: Early Middle Ages, its heyday, "autumn" and finally the Colonial era up to Modernity. Beside developing technologies and infrastructure, we must also remember to ensure a constant supply of basic resources. Remember that active trading is good way to go.

When it comes to the PVP clashes, expanding our army and adapting it to the conditions of the era is cleary a must! Keep in mind that sometimes the best defense is an attack. If it is possible - try to take control over as many battlefields as you can. Skirmishes also have one very important role. Winning them gives us an "injection" of all kinds of resources. As you can see, all game features are inseparably connected.

Besides regular resources we also have the premium one - diamonds. They are very valuable and it is not worth spending them in the early stages of the game. It’s really hard to earn them later so we mainly have to spend real money to acquire that currency. However, diamonds are not necessary in the game progress so there is no Pay2Win model for sure. Of course, diamonds are speeding up rise of our empire, but all of this can also be achieved with more conventional methods. If you do not want to pay, all you have to do – as I mentioned before – is to be patient!

If you're Age of Empires fan or you just like good, oldschool strategies, then this title is perfect choice for you. Extensive gameplay and mechanics focused on the multiplayer, nice graphic and soundtrack will for sure provide hundreds of hours of fun. Build your empire now!

Few tips for the good start:

  • Do not spend diamonds in the early stages of the game, they are very valuable and difficult to obtain,
  • Do all the questes - they will allow you to earn valuable prizes,
  • Quests are also a valuable source of knowledge in the early stages of the game - performing them will teach you the basic mechanics,
  • Try to organize your city into thematic zones to optimize its development,
  • The fewer roads, the more space for other buildings. Plan yours city communication well,
  • When you are planning not to play for a longer time, set up resource production with the longest possible time - thanks to this you will maximize their income,
  • To better plan your PVE battles, you can enter the fight, check the battlefield, surrender and enter it again at a later,
  • Try to choose your PVP opponents wisely (according to the old proverb "measure your strength for intentions").