A free-to-play parody of famous superheroes!

„From zero to hero” – this phrase perfectly describes the gameplay of this RPG. In Hero Zero you play as a ne’er-do-well who pretends to be a superhero. The trouble is, the character is not only meagre and loses breath when climbing the stairs, but is not too intelligent either.

Hero Zero

Available also on mobile:

The game’s really full of humour. On all possible occasions the game gives you funny hints so that players can really feel at home in the world of Hero Zero. Nevertheless, already from the start it’s not easy – you need to obtain the necessary clothing so that you can inspire terror in your enemies, not their laughter. Even the cheapest clothes from a hand-me-down shop (brand shops are few and far between) still have to be paid for, so you need to take up some not too ambitious quests or seasonal work (like mowing lawns) that may at least partially help you out financially.

You may choose from time missions, e.g. patrolling streets or helping mailmen, as well as fighting missions, where the goal is to bring order in the neighbourhood. The former require patience, whereas the latter depend on experience level. This is the case not only in duels with computer-controlled enemies, but also when encountering other players. You need to stay alert since others can attack you any time!

Intense training is the key to success. The skill level of the character can be increased with experience points or during training sessions. You can increase strength and stamina, but it’s also useful to develop intelligence and intuition – all the more as the two latter stats also translate to our performance in fights, increasing the chance for critical hits or avoiding enemy’s punches.

Another interesting element of Hero Zero is the list of heroic actions. The list features not only your progress, but also the tasks necessary to complete the challenges designed by game authors. Here’s good news – the list is 76 pages long, which means weeks of fun! Should the main story not be enough, you may just form your own team or join an existing one. This way your character will become stronger and new challenges will be unlocked. You may increase your chances of becoming a superhero by investing real money and going premium. Options are numerous. May the force be with you!