Nine nations, one winner!

Pick one of nations, build, trade, form alliances, conquer other countries. Prove you're the best.

Khan Wars is a great strategic game made by Bulgarian company XS Software. It offers an interesting multiplayer gameplay in medieval world with amazing graphic details and the best multiplayer basics (like in Tribal Wars or Travian). Game is, of course, free but you can buy premium account if you so desire.

After making a new account you must choose one of many nationalities that Khan Wars is offering. You can play as: Arabs, Bulgarians, Franks, Germans, Byzantines, Goths, Polans, Lithuanians and Russians. After choosing your nationality you will get a huge castle and become its owner. Royal and noble ranks depend on your nationality. Furthermore every nation has its own special forces with better skills that exceeds other forces (for example polish Goplans, byzantine Monks or german Teutonic Knights). But, what's interesting, nationality doesn't cross out the way to unite, for example, byzantine and goth castles. You are able also to create huge armies with almost 15 battle formations that will defeat even powerful special forces.

Khan Wars offers us a classical economic system. You expand your castle and army before conquering the world using four resources: gold, iron, wood and food. Investing in new, useful buildings like farms or sawmill can quickly improve our finances. You can see also one more resource - people. You must be sure that every inhabitant will have a place to live! They can help you with technology and military development, making your castle bigger and safer.

When you have your army, next thing to do is conquer the world! The best things at the beginning are: to study a game map and find allies. When you will know Khan Wars' world, it would be easier to attack and going solo will only bring you more trouble. Strategic thinking is very important here. You must choose who will be in your army before the battle (soldiers and war machines). Using good formation and tactic maneuvers is the best way to win.

Your hero is one of the most interesting things in Khan Wars. He is your view on how much you did improve. With getting more and more experience points you can go on a higher level, so your hero will get brand new skills, like shooting or army command. Another interesting aspect is marriage. As a king you have children that must have a husband or wife in the future. Political marriage is a good way to unite two enemy kingdoms and e.g. lower taxes.

Khan Wars offers gamers very attractive visual system that can be customized according to our needs.