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A free pirate game that doesn't need to be downloaded and installed!

You can never have too much pirate games! And we aren't talking about games that were illegally downloaded from the Internet. It just feels great to be able to control a pirate ship and lead our brave companions to a total domination on seas and oceans. You can achieve that in Pirate Storm, a free game – travel, visit ports, sink enemy ships and become the most feared pirate in the world!

Describing the world of Pirate Storm as "huge" won't be an exaggeration. Just take a look at the game's map. The game starts on Brendan sea located in Carados wharf – you are inexperienced, with a small crew and a boat full of holes. This is, so called, Zone 1. It should be mentioned that there are… 28 Zones in total! Sailing around the entire Brendan sea alone (this area consists of four huge regions) will take you a lot of time.

Pirate Storm

The interface in Pirate Storm is very complex and initially it may seem too complicated. Because of that you should go through the tutorial first. The screen has multiple buttons that will lead you to various sections. For example, you can check a list of goods offered by a local merchant or a harbor even when you are on sea. By paying a certain amount of money you can change your deck, put on new sails or have better cannons. The game also features an auction house where you can sell seemingly useless items for a lot of gold or buy an extremally rare artefact for less than it is really worth.

Pirate Storm

pirate's life is about attacking other ships. Shooting from cannons, boarding ships and sinking enemies – all of that happens on a daily basis. You can also help yourself during fights by using special items. All of them have various effects that will increase your chances for victory. However, the most valuable artefacts are at the bottoms of seas and oceans. This is a task for a Deep-Sea Diver but his offerings are rather pricey.

Pirate Storm

The graphics of Pirate Storm add a lot to the game. Looking at sights taken straight out of Caribbean is a pleasure. Thanks to the graphic style known from other classic RTS games, Pirate Storm has a great atmosphere. The soundtrack plays an important part, too. It really lets you feel like a true pirate! It should also be mentioned that this game is, to some degree, a remaster of another pirate game called Seafight.