Go back in time and face history!

The maket is full of strategy games with MMO elements, in which we build wonderful and undefeated kingdoms. Ragewar is slightly different from the competition and in some aspects resembles the famous Civilization series. Unlike it, however, Ragewar is a free browser game. The game tells the story of a crazy scientist who has constructed a time vehicle, moving thousands of years back in time, and our task will be to help him in assisting mankind development and rebuilding his destroyed invention.

Rage War

Available also on mobile:

At the beginning of the game you should finish a simple tutorial. If you are a veteran of strategic games, the rules of Ragewar will be as clear as day to you. Don't worry, however, if this production is the first game of its kind in your life. The developers explain the basic mechanics in a pleasant way, so after several minutes you’ll feel at home.

The game in Ragewar is mainly about developing our lands and constructing buildings. The main currencies in the game are people and gold. Virtually all the essential buildings require an adequate number of both resources. We obtain them by producing things like dried meat and placing shelters on the map. In this way we constantly fill up our treasury and we can start investing in more advanced structures. We gain access to them by developing technology and spending money on culture. Later on, the game introduces various other similar dependancies, as well as additional currencies, such as bones.

Once we have the necessary raw materials and elements, we can invest in an army that corresponds to the time and era we are currently in and, of course, our level of development. Individual units, however, are always divided into different types - from basic warriors, whose advantage is that they are cheap, to more advanced specialized units, dealing, for example, more damage, being more mobile, or very resistant to attacks. While at the beginning it is enough to take gather several basic units, as time goes by, the enemies are becoming stronger and stronger, so we must constantly develop our forces and gain access to more and more powerful soldiers.

The battles are quite interesting. Once you have selected the units, place them in the right place on the map, simultaneously indicating how they will move, as the units in this game usually only move straight ahead. So if, for example, you want to attack the main enemy base, but you place the warriors a bit to the side, they won't change direction on their own – they’ll go right past the enemy base, and you'll lose. In short, selecting the right warriors and setting them up is crucial during the clashes. Tactics are also important, because the main goal during the battle is to destroy the enemy base, which means that you also get to rid of all the other enemy buildings. It's often not as easy as it might seem, however, and it's better to calmly wear down enemy forces, destroy smaller structures and slowly pave the way for victory.

However, not all matters have to be resolved by force. Sometimes it is possible to do accomplish things peacefully. In order to conquer, for example, the provinces that influence the power of the kingdom in general, we can bribe their rulers to move to our side. This way, we achieve our goal without getting directly involved in a fight, which sometimes involves higher costs. However, this is not always a good solution, because sometimes the opponent's demands are too much and we simply cannot afford to be good.

Playing against the AI is one thing, but Ragewar heavily emphisizes the MMO aspects, so the real game starts when we have to start competing with other players. Gameplay does not differ in any way, but it forces the players to behave more responsibly, to invest in defense or to establish alliances. Nothing stands in the way of, for example, attacking a nearby kingdom belonging to another player and taking over his land. Provided that we have a sufficiently strong army that is. It also works the other way round, so we must ensure the safety of our citizens as well. However, it is also wise to simply communicate with the other rulers and, for example, establish a trade alliance by exchanging essential goods. However, it is important to always be on our guard because even the best friend can quickly become the biggest enemy.

Just like in virtually any other free-to-play game, also in this case you’ll have to take into account the presence of microtransactions. The system used by the developers does not differ in any way from the one used in competing titles. We can spend our money on e.g. accelerating building construction. Every such investment requires not only a virtual currency, but also time. You can also buy potions that allow you to research new technologies. We can also invest money in diamonds, which are useful, for example, when training warriors. Of course, we can also gain all these elements from the game itself, but it takes time.

Here are some tips that will be useful to you at the beginning:

  • Pay attention during the tutorial. The game has relatively simple rules, but mastering the basic mechanisms makes it much easier to play, so read all the tips and do not skip anything,
  • Remember to carry out the tasks offered by the game - they are often very easy, provide a variety of benefits and allow you to learn new things,
  • You don't always have to use strength to achieve your goals, sometimes it is enough to spend a bit of valuables, which may turn out to be a more profitable investment than an open conflict,
  • Don't be afraid of other players and try to establish alliances. But remember never to trust anyone 100% because you will be an easy target,
  • Use different tactics, get to know all the units and experiment with your army, because there is no single, universal tactic in the game that will allow you to defeat every enemy,
  • Be patient. Are you unable to cope with the task? Leave it be for now, develop your army and try again later, eventually you’ll certainly succeed.