Win the First World War!

The outbreak of the first global conflict is a fact. The time has come; there’s no turning back. The best thing you can do is try to stop the escalation of the conflict, which will require enormous effort and sacrifice. Once you make up your mind, once you say that you’re ready to take the challenge; once you make this one, crucial click, you will get orders, and the only thing you’ll be able to do is to obey. What will you choose – honor or desertion?

Supremacy 1914

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Since you’re still reading this, we assume you’re one courageous soldier. Keep it up! It’s about time you learned the mission objectives. Since Supremacy 1914 is a strategy game inspired by titles such as Hearts of Iron and Europa Universalis, achieving the ultimate success will depend largely on thoroughly thinking the decisions through – the decisions that will be made at the top of the chain of command. There are a few factors that will quickly verify weather throwing you at the deep end was a mistake or not.

Diplomacy lies at the heart of the game, but problems such as delivering supplies to your provinces also cannot be forgotten. Still, winning the war will largely depend on the alliances you will be able to forge, on the trade partners you will obtain, etc. Foreign policies are the main drive of your nation. A notable feature of Supremacy 1914 is the fact that the balance of power is very even from the very beginning – you don’t have to be afraid of a situation, in which you’re doomed to destruction right from the onset of the war. Should you find yourself in dire straits, however, there is one way that will certainly help you regain control.

The Golden Marks are the panacea for all your troubles. At a relatively small expense, you’re able to rise to raise the morale of your men, augment your spy net or cut the production time by 12 hours! We don’t need to add that each of these factors has an enormous impact on gaining advantage over the others, right? Of course, you could forsake this solution. But can you really afford that?

Supremacy 1914 could easily be called player-friendly. Cleverly-designed interface and very convenient control scheme that only requires you to operate the mouse make this game very approachable even for the beginners – everyone should be able to get the hang of all the options and functionalities of this complex war game. The graphics are also an important element – they’re simple, but fit the atmosphere perfectly. Easy curves and pastel hues with a considerable dose of shades of gray will surely evoke the overwhelming mood of war.