Take on the role of the underground manager!

The ruler chilling the catacombs in his veins... Does it sound proud, doesn’t it? If you think you have the steward's line and you can control the dark beasts - Undermaster is right choice for you! Grab the goblins to work and create your own casemates! Everything in the company of funny, perverse humor and interesting graphics.

Undermaster, developed by a German studio Upjers (My Little Farmies, Kapi Hospital), is a game where you can become a lord of darkness. The job isn't easy – there is a lot of work to do here. Our main goal is to explore new parts of the undergrounds and make them both functional and appealing. We are accompanied by a faithful advisor, a minotaur, and a horde of various beasts. Thanks to their, sometimes forced, help, efficient management and taking care of the needs of your "employees", you will be able to expand your base in a truly royal style.

The gameplay is easy to master and it gives a lot of fun while offering a lot of truly interesting solutions. The character designs are worth mentioning here. We have regular imps serving as workers, goblin engineers, powerful trolls, mysterious voodoo shamans, intelligent and little bit arrogant warlocks, elegant vampire travelers, and beautiful succubus. All of these characters have their role in the dark underground. They not only help us break through rocks but also speed up the works, craft new tools or heal other monsters. They are living creatures – as a ruler, we need to take care of their basic needs such as sleep and food. However, we also need to take care of their happiness and be sure that our dungeons are suitable for them. The creatures gain new levels which increase their skills.

However, new interiors and food require money – this is where the game's economy aspect comes into play. We can use three key resources: gold, crystals (increase construction speed) and knowledge (researches and inventions). Thanks to them, we can trade with the surface world. Among our goods, we can find various funny items such as rainbow unicorns, Trollex watches or Hellmaster electric blankets. We level up by spending our money wisely and completing quests. Besides that, we can also receive chests full of treasures. The game also offers us a chance to buy deals for some of the items.

The Undermaster's graphics are nice. The complex menu is easy to understand. Thanks to various useful functions, we are able to switch between our workers, check their needs or see what they are during currently. The music and the sounds for the monsters are all well designed.

Undermaster is an intriguing game. The game takes a lot of inspiration from the legendary Dungeon Keeper series. Undermaster is a lot of fun both for those who like strategy and those who like to have a bit of a laugh while doing missions. Check out for yourself!