Free strategy in the realities of World War II

Wargame 1942 is a free strategy game in which you must be both a charismatic commander and a bright diplomat. What are you aiming for? The goal is simple - win the Second World War! Unreal? Only seemingly. See how much you can afford and try to change the world's fate in Wargame 1942!

The mainstay of Wargame 1942 is the interesting cooperation between the players. Unlike other games of this type, in which PvP mode has been pushed into the background, diplomacy plays a very important role in this production. It can even be said that the final success is completely dependent on how we will perform as a coordinator of military and economic alliances. The element of diplomacy is interesting as we strive to dethrone everyone else. Thus, nothing stands in the way of a previously cultivated alliance suddenly breaking off and surprisingly attacking an ally. The problem is that our "friend" can also act in this way...

The huge gameplay area does not make the task easier, but it makes the fun even more fascinating. In Wargame 1942 there is no respite we don't know when to expect an attack, we don't know when to expect an attack, we don't know the intentions of our neighbors, we can't fill the warehouses with a supply of raw materials and finally, we can't assess especially at first, having no experience whether the alliance's offer is real or just a trick. Worse still, the offensive can take place from any side of the world, because the events in Wargame 1942 take place on all the continents ravaged by the war.

In a global conflict, every country is struggling with the lack of raw materials. This is no different in Wargame 1942, where a faithful representation of realities was ensured. We are basically starting with nothing, and we need to make sure that we have enough crude oil, petrol, processed diesel, ammunition, gold and, of course, the most important means of exchange money and quickly. The key action is therefore to create, as quickly as possible, a solid infrastructure without which it will simply not be possible to wage war. We need drilling platforms, military laboratories, gold mines or barracks. In Wargame 1942, however, not everything needs to be built. Remember that in this game you do not play the role of an engineer, but of a commander and a diplomat in one person, who sometimes has to reach for alternative ways on the way to total domination over the world. A twin game similar to Wargame 1942 is Desert Operations.