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Welcome to world of football in Club Manager 2019 - management simulator in which you will become world class manager of many football teams! Build you team from the scratch, hire your players, upgrade your team and it's tactics, completely free!

Club Manager 2019

The adventure with the game will start with a brief introduction that we can consider as a non-intrusive tutorial. In its course, we will conduct a tour of the main menu of the game, as well as get acquainted with the basic mechanics and the tabs responsible for them. It is necessary to read everything carefully to start the game in the best way.

One of our main tasks will be to buy and develop players. We will take care of their training and tailor their match strategy with our individual preferences. The gameplay is firmly grounded in strategical thinking planning actions for specific players, the choice of substitutes, determining their strategy and selecting who will take set pieces. The choice of options is absolutely huge, and every enthusiast manager should be happy with it. Remember also about replenishing stamina of your players!

A very important strategic element will also be the provision of the infrastructure of our club. Thus, we will expand the stadium, the training center, take care of the field, gym and win an effective match organizer. And we'll do it all with... card packs! This unusual mechanics for this kind of games further diversifies the gameplay. For all activities performed during the game, we will get the classic boosters (well-known to fans of cards), in which we find cards of upgrades, "new players", as well as boosters for the team. The game is already at the start will provide us with as many as 10 packs, so that we have a good start to the management adventure.

The matches themselves are played in two modes friendlies and divisions, which are analogous to the typical league games. You have to remember that this is not a game in the style of FIFA, therefore, it does not offer the spectacular visual effects. Individual games play out in text form, and the victory will be determined by strategy, team squad, training and chemistry of players and strategic skills of our enemy. The number of parameters that determine the win or loss is huge, and that is why it is so important to match the strategy to the strengths of our team!

The game has a premium currency (Manager Coins), which we use to speed up some of the processes available in the game. Thanks to it, we will quickly improve our club, accelerate the training of players, as well as get additional packages of cards. You don't have to worry. Developers want to provide all users with fair-play gameplay, made sure that you can obtain it during regular gameplay thanks to the achievements. Each new achievement is equivalent to getting a certain amount of free Coins, so the game doesn't use a pay-to-win system, which is very important in a competitive game.

Club Manager 2019 is a great, powerful title for all fans of the genre. Other advantages include pleasant graphics, refined mechanics, as well as the competitive aspect, which allows us to climb the leaderboards by winning matches with other players. The game is available completely free of charge both from the browser and on mobile devices, so we can enjoy it anywhere and anytime. Great fun guaranteed!

Some tips for new managers:

  • Think carefully about your team's tactics. Analyze your strongest players and match the rest of the team with them,
  • Play as many matches as possible, including social games, to earn virtual currency and free cards,
  • Don't forget to use the earned cards to improve your club and team,
  • Complete tasks required to get achievements, as it will give you a big charge of premium currency the Manager Coins,
  • If you have a problem with an element of the game, check the encyclopedia prepared by the developers (the "Wiki" tab on the top panel).