Darmowa Gra .

Musical action game for mobiles!

If you ever dreamed of becoming world-class drummer, now is your chance… on your phone or tablet screen! Electronic Drums Game will test your reflexes and sense of rhythm. Try your luck in musical world!

Electronic Drums Game

New title from NETIGEN is music simulator, in which we play drums to songs prepared by the developers. Gameplay reminds of titles like Guitar Hero and Rockband.

Electronic Drums Game

Electronic Drums Game offers two modes of play: career and ‘free play’. Career is story mode of sorts, in which we will make a name of ourselves in pro drummer world. We start as relative beginner, but through time and effort we achieve mastery and fame! Second mode let us choose difficulty and tracks. It is perfect for honing our drum skills!

The game is great choice for people that loves music. Professionally recorded, high quality tracks, addictive gameplay, many difficulties to choose from and beautiful graphics are guaranteeing really good time, for every amateur musician.