A futuristic city builder

Welcome to the world of Generals Art of War – a futuristic economic game with RTS and RPG elements – which takes you to the near future, in which conflicts between powerful cities-bases are common. Your task is, of course, to lead such a city and assure its optimal economic growth and a powerful army that will protect its inhabitants!

Generals Art of War

You need an account to start the game. You can create one in just a few seconds. After registration, we go directly to the map of our city, where we meet our assistant. As you have probably already guessed, she will help us during the brief tutorial. During the first few minutes of the game, we check the individual positions of the production interface that we will use later. It is worth going through it carefully because the number of options for setting up our database is really significant.

Given that the game represents a city builder sub-genre, its main focus is on efficient management of resources and time management of subsequent parts of the city infrastructure... of course, in their futuristic version. The main resources are energy, fuel, metal, plastic and – of course – money. Each building, upgrade and unit requires a variety of resources. You should also be aware that in the early stages of the game, you aren't be forced to wait a certain number of minutes required to complete individual actions, as the construction of low-level buildings ends immediately after clicking on the corresponding menu icon. In addition, boosters that accelerate the construction of buildings can be acquired from the beginning of the game. However, I recommend not to use them until the later stages of the game, where the waiting time is really long!

Generals Art of War is an online game, so you will find (outside your base) a huge map with the cities belonging to other players. Of course, our job is to make our city the most powerful, so there's nothing stopping you from spying and attacking other players to show your domination. Remember, however, that some Alliances (more about them later) include non-aggression pacts, so attacking allied members may be seen as a violation of such rules. This example perfectly shows the role-playing aspect of the community!

We also find a number of elements taken from RPGs and they relate mainly to our hero, that is, the general. Each level of experience gives our avatar skill points which we can spend on passive bonuses for our base and army. You have to remember that resetting them is very expensive, so before using a point, think about what direction of development you want to follow! Are you focusing on a mobile and destructive army? Or on gathering resources? There is no correct path! In addition, our hero has the ability to use equipment that provides additional perks. Some of these items can be acquired from the missions, by winning battles and from crafting (starting with level 5)!

An important element of the gameplay is also the online aspect, i.e. the Alliance mentioned earlier. It may not seem obvious in the early stages of the game, but joining it gives a number of bonuses and opens up new opportunities that are not available for one player. The most important thing for beginners is the chance to get help from other members of our Alliance. This will not only reduce the waiting time for the completion of individual structures but we will also get the necessary resources, etc. Alliances also provide a number of social options, such as additional attack protection, as well as joined attacks, gifts, and the ability to have a shared capital!

The game is based on the free-to-play model which means that it has a premium content store. The premium currency is called Gems – we can spend it on improvements, resources, boosters, or hire mercenaries. This currency doesn't guarantee us access to additional content – it simply "facilitates" the gameplay. If you don't plan to fight with the best players on the server, you can be sure that all the elements of the game are available completely free of charge! Apex Point's game is a comprehensive city builder for fans of simulators and economic games. Extensive gameplay, interesting setting and unique atmosphere. If that wasn't enough, the game has a beautiful soundtrack and very nice, cartoon graphics. All this is available for free on your browser and on mobile devices! Lead your base today.

A handful of useful tips for new generals:

  • After completing the tutorial, you can go through missions (available on the left side of the screen) which will optimize the process of development of the city,
  • During the first hours of the game, most processes will be completed immediately…,
  • ...however, if one of them has a long waiting time, you can speed it up by using a special boost. Match their duration with the expected waiting time,
  • Join an alliance as soon as possible, as membership guarantees a number of benefits, including reduced waiting times,
  • Carefully select the skills of your hero – resetting them is very expensive,
  • Check all menu tabs marked with an icon – they inform you that a particular tab has either a reward or a mission for you!