Manage your team to victory!

Football is often considered as a national sport by many countries. Whether it's club or national team, it always arouses huge emotions of fans all over the world. Have you ever wondered how it would be to manage your own team and lead it up the world rankings of all sorts? Now you have that opportunity! Wlecome in the world of Goal One.

Goal One

Goal One from the well-known Aeria Games studios is a mobile football manager, which thanks to the multitude of options could easily compete with many games of this genre available on desktops. Here we play the role of both: the team manager and the trainer involved in its preparation for the matches, finding young talents and their training. And this is just a tip of the iceberg of the possibilities producers have prepared for all the players.

The newest production of Aeria Games allows us to customize our own team aswell. We will be able to rename our own footballers, search for promising talents, train available players along with team development, adjust the tactics for upcoming matches and even change the look of the outfits used both as the host of the meeting and away games. Producers left us with great creative freedom for the best immersion possible!

Another feature of Goal One is the possibility of watching live our matches and influencing their course. During the meeting we can change the mentioned tactics in real-time, exchange basic players with their substitutes and switching their positions on the field to increase our chance for victory. The managerial aspect of the game is huge aswell. The game will allow us to create our own stadium, sell and buy new players during the transfer window, acquire advertisers and sponsors, sell rights to matches broadcast and even check the satisfaction of your team fans!

Goal One is a game with a lot of emphasis on the socialization aspect, which is why it allows us to play friendly games with our friends to see whose team, tactics and preparation of the players will work better on the “grass”. Matches with real opponents are incredibly addictive. Due to the Free2Play model, there is a premium store available in the game. We will buy mainly cosmetic items in it, such as additional outfits for the team, its logos, and training boosters for our players. However, you do not have to worry. The game isn’t Pay2Win title! Available bonuses only slightly shorten the team development time.

What is more, we can also find daily rewards feature here to eliminate these differences. It let us to get valuable prizes just by daily logging-in.

To sum up, Goal One is an incredibly powerful football manager. The multitude of the team's customization and management options make it a game for dozens or even hundreds of hours of fun. It will be an excellent choice for home-based trainers and the ones who have always wanted to lead their team to the victory. Great fun guaranteed.