Free mobile strategy with RPG elements!

This production of Wargaming studio is a strategy game with a very strong emphasis on RPG mechanics and the network aspect. Excellent visual design, complex mechanics and systems that could embarrass many larger computer production. Check it out and see for yourself!

Gods and Glory

Gods and Glory: War for the Throne will welcome us with an introductory tutorial. New players are advised to get to know the tutorial thoroughly because of how expansive the game is and how many options it gives you. The tutorial will briefly show us what the game actually is. It will take us both to the battlefield and to the capital assigned to us, as well as the map on which we will move. Associations with the Heroes of Might and Magic series will not be accidental here!

The first of the key aspects of the game will be the development of our city, which will also be our "base for the game." The capital is the place where we will train our units, develop technology through universities, and strengthen the walls to defend ourselves against the invasions of other players! For the development of the city we will of course need resources, and these are:

  • Wood
  • Gold
  • Stone
  • Stardust

In addition, we will also have a certain pool of diamonds, but it is a premium currency – we’ll talk more about this further on.

The second most important element is a truly RPG development of our hero. In addition to gaining further parts of equipment, we will also use statistical points, which will somehow determine the archetype of the character. These will be strength, dexterity and magic, respectively. Depending on the chosen path, we will also develop various skills, which will additionally support the team we lead in combat.

If we are talking about combat, it should be mentioned that, contrary to appearances, it is not as important as the previously mentioned elements of the game. Our main task will be to choose the position for our units, because the battles play out automatically. Such a procedure brings us back to the aforementioned hero and the development of the city, because it is the strength of the general and the units commanded by them that will determine the success in the battles. We should also mention the system of dungeons, where we will face hordes of opponents, whose defeat will guarantee high-quality prizes.

The creators paid a lot of attention to the online gameplay. Alliances (i.e. clans) play a very important role in the game. Other players can help us in – for example – faster development of our city, and also support us with raw materials! The game also has a built-in chat, which is an interesting solution given that we are dealing with a mobile game. It is also worth mentioning that community games belong to some of the best that you can get in online games. Involvement of players and their culture really are at the highest level!

Gods and Glory: War for the Throne is a title based on the Free2Play model, which is why – as is often the case in such productions – we will find here an additional premium currency, i.e. diamonds (mentioned at the beginning of the text). Diamonds will be used mainly to buy cosmetic items and to speed up the progress: faster development of the city's infrastructure, or faster movement. However, in order for free players to enjoy the gameplay on an equal footing with those who pay, the creators have prepared a number of activities enabling them to get both boosts and diamonds. This is for example receiving rewards for daily logging in!

Gods and Glory is the perfect choice for both the fans of strategy and RPG – in one neat package. Extensive mechanics, great graphics, web aspect and perfect optimization for weaker phones make it one of the most addictive titles available on mobile devices. Try and see for yourself, but we warn you... the game is extremely engaging!

A few tips for beginners:

  • Try to get as much information as possible from the tutorial, which will introduce you to the complex gameplay mechanics;
  • Accept and complete log tasks to maximize the speed of your empire's expansion in the beginning;
  • Receive daily rewards for logging in even if you are not planning a longer gaming session;
  • If you have questions about gameplay, use game chat - someone will probably help you with good advice;
  • Experiment with the development of your general, because his strength often determines the success in a battle.