A well-made farming simulator

The goal in Golden Acres is to run a colorful farm. We have to plant plants, breed animals, construct buildings, buy and sell various products, and, finally, decorate our possessions. Even though we can start playing the game without registering our account, we should do it at some point to ensure that our progress will be saved (otherwise the game will keep reminding us of the registration option).

Let's get to work! A cute billy goat will take us through the initial stages of the game. Our first task is to make the farm usable again. Fix the building by clicking on it and then drag the hammer icon. We use this mechanic to plant new plants or collect those that are ripe, for example, wheat available from the beginning of the game. However, instead of clicking on the icon every time we want to collect something, we can hold the button and drag the cursor over the fields. As for placing a new building, you can get the full list of options by clicking on the icon in the bottom left corner of the screen. New buildings require a certain number of coins. You will also need to wait a bit. The waiting time can be reduced by spending jewels the premium currency available for real money.

Planting plants is just the first step. For example, when we gather enough wheat and corn, we can start producing chicken feed. The well-fed chicken will give you eggs which we can use, for example, to produce corn buns. You have to pay attention to how much product is still left it is easy to enqueue the production of several packs of chicken feed, but it may turn out that you don't have enough corn to plant. During the game, we must, first of all, ensure a stable supply of basic products.

The orders board has missions complete them to gain money and experience. To complete a mission, you need to have the right products you can check their current quantity in the silos and the barn. These two buildings store all your crops (the required quantity is always listed in a mission's description). When you meet the requirements, the completed mission will be marked with a green icon check the board once in a while. Independent characters can appear next to the board you can make a deal with them by selling products.

Running a farm is not an easy task. It is necessary to have patience, plant and manage crops, and gradually unlock new species of plants, animals, fruit trees or types of buildings. However, at the end of the day, when the sun goes down and we look at the fruits of our labor also these virtual it is impossible not to feel a certain satisfaction.