The whole gangster world available in your browser!

Goodgame Gangster from Goodgame Studios is a browser-based adventure MMO game with RPG elements. Want to know how a gangster life really looks like? Goodgame Gangster's godfather has a task for you! Complete missions, make deals on the black market, participate in fights and gang wars, and reach new levels in your gangster career.

Goodgame Gangster

The game begins with the creation of your character. We choose the gender, appearance, and class that determines our attack power and defense abilities in the later stages of the game. We can choose from three professions: killer, tactician and rogue. In addition to the class, our gangster also has individual characteristics that we will develop as the story progresses. Thus, we won't meet another character like ours on the server.

After creating a character and entering the game, we have to complete the tutorial and the first few orders from the godfather. We also get a choice which orders we want to accept and which ones we want to ignore. We need a sufficient amount of energy to start a job and then to complete it its level decreases when we are doing missions. Because of that, you have to remember to manage it in the right way.

The game has two currencies: money and gold. Cash will be needed primarily to strengthen our character. We can spend it on equipment such as weapons, special abilities, bandages, and character attributes. There are a lot of ways to earn money: in addition to accepting quests from the godfather, we can fight with other players, participate in gang wars, extort money or fight with challenging opponents in the "Wanted" mode.

We can exchange gold for other valuable items to strengthen our character, as well as acquire boosters which provide a higher level of energy when performing a mission. In addition, gold will also help us reduce the waiting time in the game. To get a few bars, we will need a bit of luck. We can get them as a reward for "special commendation", performing missions for the godfather, or we can buy them in the store. Moreover, the game also provides a daily-login bonus you get a bonus gold ingot by logging into the game regularly.

With each level of experience, our character receives points that can be put into four attributes: attack power, endurance, luck, and toughness. The development of your character is important if you want to succeed in this gangster world. This mechanics is already a standard in the RPG genre, so it shouldn't cause any difficulties.

Goodgame Gangster is a great offer for anyone who is looking for a game without demanding gameplay set in an interesting world. The game is available for free on all mobile devices! Challenge specific opponents, buy goods on the black market, travel to different locations on the map and fight for the honor of your family in clashes with the police play Goodgame Gangster now!

Useful starting tips:

  • Log into the game every day to earn bonus rewards for regular entry,
  • Each level of experience gives you 3 attribute points. Before you spend them, think about the path of development and how would you like to develop your character,
  • Missions are rather long, so you need to be patient. Their time can be reduced by purchasing basic boosters in the store.
  • The more the merrier! A family gives many benefits (XP bonus, more money, family wars or family chat). You can join a family even at level one, so you should look for it right after you start your adventure.