Join the arena of insane car combat!

Welcome to the Heavy Metal Machines world - free MOBA from Hoplon, which takes place in atypical setting. Main parts are played by... heavily modified cars, in post-apocalyptic carnage! Take control of your favourite machine, pick a team role and challenge other players from around the world. Just remember - adrenaline is your main fuel, show that you got some!

After logging-in for the first time, we are presented with intuitive and short tutorial, which takes place in the testing course and explain to us the basics of vehicular combat, including using abilities and catching the bombs that are used to destroy your opponents’ base. After finishing it we arrive at main menu, that consist of several tabs. All of them will be explained below, starting with most important one:

Play! Heavy Metal Machines is MOBA game, so gameplay takes place in various arenas. Our main objective is to transport the bomb to enemy strategic point. For every delivered one, we get one point (out of three needed) towards victory. The gameplay is amazingly dynamic. At the start of the match we choose from unique pool of cars (that are like heroes from regular MOBA). Every car have different movement dynamics and abilities, and mastering them is not so easy! To become great at this game, you’ll need to learn the tactics and styles of your opponents, not only your own. Developers prepare few game modes:

  • “Without ranking” – standard PVP,
  • “Not standard” – testing new cars and strategies,
  • “Ranking” – league matches of most skilled players.

Other tab is Inventory, where you can upgrade and outfit your deadly machine. It is divided by few categories, like frames, sprays, effects and so on. In every one of them you’ll find cosmetic items, that will customize your ride and its actions. There are only visual effects, not changing in any way the gameplay.

Metal Pass is the place where we can look our seasonal achievements, with unique rewards like new cosmetic items and various additional content. There are two tiers of rewards: free and paid. We can get paid rewards only if we beforehand got the season pass.

One on more regular tabs is of course Profile: it will show us every info about our account. Most are statistics and details about our favourite machines, their levels, matches won and lost, the role that we played in them and all post-match details, including chart of our progression and history. Developers really meets the need of most curious players.

Smaller sections consist of two tabs – Leaderboard and Tutorials. First one will show you the ranking of best players (with statistics and so on), second one are constantly upgraded by game’s community – they are made (and verified) by more experienced players – we can rest assured that they tutorials are accurate. It is deep mine of information – check it out when you are in trouble!

Heavy Metal Machines is a free-to-play production, so the in-game store should be expected. Don’t worry though, all items are only cosmetic in nature, so they don’t go against the game balance. They, alongside season rewards, are only for sense of uniqueness and ‘esthetic flair’ during future matches, or boosts for quicker upgrading of our account. This is not pay-to-win title, which is crucial in PVP game!


Heavy Metal Machines is a breath of fresh air in somewhat stale Multiplayer Online Battle Arena genre. Interesting setting with uncommon game mechanics makes this title perfect choice for genre fans looking for something different. Fast-paced matches, unique vehicles, pleasant graphics and completely free gameplay without pay-to-win are the title’s clear advantages. Great fun for many hours!

Few tips for new players for the good start:

  • Become familiar with basic tutorials – to get accustomed to game quickly,
  • Before you get to fight with other players, become familiar with other vehicles in non-standard mode, which is great learning place,
  • Before you engage in ranking matches learn the maps and basic tactics,
  • If any game mechanics is giving you some troubles, check the tutorials. There should be fix for that,
  • Consider buying Season Pass, not only rewards are much higher value than the cost, they are also unique for every season,
  • Do not spend your earned currency early. Know the vehicles and choose wisely.