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Meme RPG in a fantasy world!

Hero Wars allows you to travel to a magical world threatened by ruthless dominion armies. Gather your team and set off on a dangerous journey, during which there will be numerous fights with dangerous opponents, including dangerous bosses, proving your leadership over other players by challenging their teams to duels. All this in eye-catching cartoon graphics.

Hero Wars is a network RPG developed by Nextres studio that can be played on computers as well as mobile devices with Android and iOS systems. The action of the production takes place in a magical fantasy world, which, like most universes of this type, is based on our Middle Ages, although it does not lack futuristic elements. The ruthless armies of the Dominion want to take control of it. However, they do make a mistake. Well, they kidnap the paladin Aurora. The knight Galahad sets out to help the woman, who, in order to have a chance against the forces of evil, begins to recruit various other heroes to help her. This is how an epic adventure begins in which saving Aurora is only the beginning.

Hero Wars

As you might guess, the heroes are at the heart of Hero Wars. There are over 50 of them in the game. Each of them has their own unique abilities (there is only one available to start, a maximum of four can be unlocked) and a role in the team. Some of them are perfect for close combat, others prefer to stay in the second line. The main role of our characters is to take part in combat. Their rules are very similar to those known from, for example, the Blade of the Kings. A team of up to five heroes takes part in battles (you can always choose them before the start of the battle). To win, you must defeat all opponents and keep at least one hero alive.

The skirmishes themselves take place completely automatically. However, we can have some influence on the course of the fight. Well, we can decide at which point the special skill of a given hero will be used. The level of its charge is indicated by the yellow bar under the green health indicator, which is located under the character portrait at the bottom of the screen. However, if we do not want to do it ourselves, there is nothing to prevent us from starting the fully automatic mode.

Our heroes can be helped by animal companions. They guarantee various bonuses. For example, Fenris is able to increase the damage dealt by characters, and Axel increases healing abilities. The so-called Pets have their skills and even equipment. We can develop all of this through play.

Hero Wars

The main game mode in Hero Wars is campaign. It consists of 190 missions of increasing difficulty divided into 13 chapters. Each stage has three groups of enemies that must be defeated in order to complete it. Ideally, we should do this without losing a hero along the way. If we succeed, then we can count on the maximum rating in the form of three stars (if one of our characters is scored, then we will get two stars, and if three or more stars - one stars). The highest rank guarantees us the possibility of repeating a given mission as part of the so-called Raid, which allows you to complete it immediately. Of course, missions that we did not "do" with three stars can also be repeated many times, but each time it is necessary to take part in the clash personally.

Another game mode is the so-called Tower. Its rules are very simple. We have to overcome successive floors of a tall building, full of dangerous enemies. We have to complete a single attempt with one squad. The further we go, the more Tower Points we get. In turn, we can exchange them for prizes.

Hero Wars

Finally, there are two types of Arenas in the game where we can clash with other players' teams. The rules of the most basic one are very simple. We have two teams that just clash. The last one on the field wins. In this way, we are climbing the next ranks of the ranking. The higher we are, the more chances we have for better rewards.

The second type of arena is the so-called Grand Arena. In it, the rules are a bit different. First, we have to make three teams. When this stage is behind us, we can challenge teams prepared by other players to a duel. If we manage to win two of the three battles, then we win the entire match and we can enjoy advancement in the ranking, and thus a chance for better prizes.

When talking about arenas, there are two more things to keep in mind. First of all, fights on them are fought only in automatic mode and we have absolutely no influence on them after the fight begins. Secondly, although we are fighting teams of other players, we do not have direct contact with them. This means that they simply form a defensive team upfront that fights without any interference from them, even if they are offline. The same principle also applies to us.

After all, there are so-called Outlands. These are clashes with powerful bosses and their helpers. When we manage to defeat them, we get access to chests with valuable items.

Hero Wars

We have already mentioned rewards several times when describing the various modes. These are awarded both for participating in various activities, including quite interesting logical mini-games, in which, for example, we have to retrieve a treasure by properly moving objects, as well as obtaining achievements, such as completing a certain stage in a campaign or using a specific item, taking part in periodic various themes, opening heroic chests, etc. The first type of gratification is experience. By collecting them, either by defeating opponents or by using special potions, we increase the statistics of our hero, and thus of the entire team. The more powerful she becomes, the easier it will be for her to cope with more powerful adversities.

Another type of rewards that we will get while playing is equipment. Each hero can carry six types of equipment. Each influences a different statistic of the hero. Importantly, if you collect the right set of weapons and armor, then we can do the so-called Promotion of the hero, which significantly increases his combat and defensive abilities, and also unlocks access to new skills.

Importantly, we can also produce items of equipment ourselves. However, it is necessary to have a sufficient number of items of a worse type.

Hero Wars

There is also another type of item in Hero Wars. They are Artifacts. We can acquire and develop them by taking part in expeditions - special expeditions lasting several hours of real game time (we do not take part in them indirectly), on which we send our heroes. They are also able to strengthen our pupils.

We can also raise the statistics of our heroes with the help of the so-called Soul Stones, which can also be used as a reward for performing activities. In order to be able to use them and evolve a given hero, it is also necessary to collect an appropriate number of them. You can also summon new heroes with Soul Stones (an alternative way to get them is to open Heroic Chests, which is free every day, and simply by completing story missions).

Another type of reward present in Hero Wars is energy. It is symbolized by blue lightning bolts. Adequate amounts of it are necessary, for example, to take part in missions from story campaigns. The more advanced the activity, the more energy we have to spend. If we do not have the appropriate amount, then the possibility of joining the action will remain unavailable to us. Fortunately, you can get 60 energy points three times a day for free.

Hero Wars

Further, for taking part in various activities, we can also receive currency. There are several types of them in the title. Let's start our discussion with the special tokens that we get during battles in various special arenas. We spend them in a store assigned to a specific place. In their assortments, we can find, for example, weapons or Soul Stones.

Another type of currency available in the game are Emeralds. Although they can be obtained while playing, in order to accumulate more of them, we have to spend real money. Emeralds are used, among other things, to unlock the possibility of faster entry into fights in the arenas, buying additional equipment, increasing the amount of energy, etc.

The real currency can also be spent on VIP status, guaranteeing various valuable bonuses (the higher its level, the better the rewards). For 1 PLN, we will also receive special skins for our heroes and packages with various items.

The last type of currency that is present in Hero Wars is gold. It is extremely universal. We can use coins to buy items in shops, it is necessary when creating items and even developing skills. The latter is actually quite interesting. We develop each of the hero's abilities to the maximum level that he has. At the same time, however, we can have a maximum of 10 development points in the pool to distribute to all heroes. They renew over time. We can speed up this process by spending Emeralds.

Hero Wars

Contact with other players in Hero Wars is not limited to clashes with them. In the title, there is also an option to connect with them in Guilds. They are unlocked when our team reaches level 30. One Guild can consist of a maximum of 30 players. By taking part in various activities, they collectively work for attractive prizes.

Guild membership comes with several other attractions. One of them is the Titans. They are powerful beings assigned to the elements of fire, water and earth. Each of them guarantees bonuses to attack and defense. However, keep in mind that they have their own strengths and strengths. Thus, Titans representing fire are good against earth, but weaker against water, etc. These creatures, like heroes and animal companions, can be promoted and assigned better and better artifacts.

By increasing the levels of Titans and their artifacts, we gain the so-called Spark of Power. We use them to develop Gift of the Elements. It is located in the tab of each of the heroes and is able to significantly expand their basic statistics.

In addition, we can get Glyphs from the Guild headquarters. We can place them in the appropriate place on the heroes card (each can have a maximum of five). One is able to clearly raise a specific parameter - health, armor, magic abilities, etc. Importantly, each glyph can be improved with special runes and gold or Emeralds.

Hero Wars

Hero Wars boasts a very eye-catching graphic design. Both the backgrounds and the characters themselves and their opponents look like they've been taken straight out of an animated film or a fairy-tale illustration. The whole thing is complemented by colorful effects of spells and special abilities. You may also like music, also kept in fantasy climates, which can warm you up to fight at the right moments.

Hero Wars is therefore a game that will keep you entertained for hours. The title has quite a lot of content, but it is not complicated, so it can appeal to players of all skill levels, and regularly organized special events encourage you to regularly check what is happening in the title. The very fact of going through the next stages of the campaign can be extremely addictive.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Whenever you can, use the Raid option. You will quickly gain a lot of resources this way..
  2. Remember that some resources, such as gold and Emeralds, can be obtained by watching in-game ads. It is worth using this option.
  3. Before trying to approach any stage, make sure that your team is powerful enough.
  4. Pay attention to your team's positioning. It's not a very good idea to drop heroes that specialize in second-line combat first.