Create your own kingdom in a mobile strategy game!

Welcome to the world of Idle Kingdom Builder - a mobile strategic and economic game that will take us directly to the colorful, medieval world. We will become a leader of a small settlement, which we will lead to power! Develop your village, expand your influence and carry out a wide-spread expansion of the game world map.

Idle Kingdom Builder

The introduction to this game is a tutorial, prepared by developers. It’s intuitive and well-balanced, so we can learn all basic game mechanics, without a feeling that we’re skipping figuring things our self. In the tutorial we’ll build first buildings, which will lead us to further development. At the same time we’ll settle our first workers who will be employed at farms, mills, bakeries and other production sites. Proper settlers management is not the easiest of tasks!

Developers approach to generating goods and earning virtual moneys is also very interesting. To boost production of given building, we can enter it and start working ourselves! Of course, “work” in this case means clicking really fast on production icon. Very important element of the game is also developing efficient logistics of different facilities. Special arrows will show connections and dependability of buildings and goods. After reaching level 18, we’ll gain access to world map, which allows us to expand even further.

The game is completely free, because it’s based on Free to Play business model. This is why there’s a currency shop, where we can find boosters. They will allow us to build our kingdom faster, but with a bit of patience and good planning, it’s not necessary to spend real money. There are also other ways to earn diamonds, the premium currency in question. Aside for rewards for logging every day, you can watch adverts, what will be rewarded by a pouch of gems.

Idle Kingdom Builder developed by Upjers is an incredibly engaging title, which surely should interest all economic and strategy fans. Clicker mechanics are an interesting addition, which work really well on the mobile screens. Adding great comic graphics to the mix makes it shine in comparison to the other mobile games.

Become a leader now and see if you can lead your own empire!