Enter a fantastic world of insects

Inside Grass: A Little Adventure is an RPG game set... in a world of insects! You will learn the story of two children who were magically reduced to the size of an ant. Their task is to help hardworking insects and return to their true size. But to do this, children will have to complete tasks, puzzles, and mini-games. Are you ready for an adventure?

Inside Grass

The game starts with an intuitive short tutorial prepared by the developers. You will see information and tips about the game's interface and what you can find in its sections. They will also present you with new parts of the story developed with subsequent quests. The game belongs to an RPG which means that story missions are its important part. Besides completing quests, we also learn the importance of exploring the map. By visiting various locations, we can find useful tools that will help us to overcome obstacles. The heroes can also find fruits that restore their health. Besides these two categories, the game offers many other items to collect!

What would an RPG be without combat? The answer to this question can only be one it couldn't be called an RPG! The developers from the Primebit studio have decided to use an interesting solution battles can be played in manual mode (where we by playing a clicker game face opponents) or in automatic mode. The latter will save us a few seconds, but the manual mode gives us a chance to do more damage and critical hits, so we strongly recommend using this mode! You don't have to be afraid of getting defeated by powerful enemies. Losing does not mean the death of our character we simply go back to the moment before you accept the challenge. Thanks to this solution, we can safely challenge any enemy, even the largest insects in this kingdom! What is more, the game offers a system of skill points which we can spend on passive bonuses so our character will be able to do better in the later sections of the game.

Inside Grass: A Little Adventure is a completely free game that will run even on older mobile devices. However, you should be aware that, as with free games, the game offers premium currency crystals. These crystals will help us get around some of the more difficult moments of the game. However, the developers have approached the free players fairly the premium currency can also be acquired in the game itself without spending real money. It is also worth mentioning that, from time to time, we will have to watch short ads, thanks to which the game can be free for everyone.

At first glance, Primebit studio's game looks very inconspicuous, but after entering this colored world, all players will realize that it offers a great adventure. Despite this setting, Inside Grass it is not focused exclusively on young players everyone should find here something for themselves. The game is perfect for the fans of a cult animated movie called "A Bug's Life". Excellent atmosphere, comic book graphics, and fun gameplay these are the game's strong points. And all this is available on all mobile devices for free!

A few tips for a good start:

  • Carefully read the tips during the tutorial. Thanks to them, you will quickly understand the rules of the game,
  • Try to fight in the manual mode it makes fights last a few seconds more, but it will allow you to often save precious health points,
  • In the case of defeat, our character does not die, but only "goes back" to the moment before the fight, so do not be afraid to challenge enemies,
  • Don't be afraid to spend skill points in your way, there is no "the only right way" to allocate them,
  • The game will provide you with free "premium" crystals, so do not use them immediately, but only at the moment when you come across a part of the game that is too difficult for your character.