Become hospital administrator!

Kapi Hospital Tower is hospital management simulator. We are in charge of hospital, where we will treat patients in specialized facilities. We'll provide qualified staff, doctors, machines and drugs availability, which in turn will make our patients happy to leave some money behind!

Kapi Hospital Tower

After launching the game, we are greeted by very moustachy Doctor, who will explain basic rules of the game. Under his watchful eye we will treat our first patients, rent new doctor’s offices and provide our medical facility with pharmacy to make medicines available. When we are familiar with the basics, the game will throw us in more challenging gameplay.

From now on we will be on our own. Every 40 seconds new patients will arrive and form queues to the offices. At the beginning they will have simple, typical illnesses, but in time patients with special, unusual needs will show up. We decide which patients are treated first. During visits, our medical staff is doing short interviews, and prescribe specific, readily available medicines for them. It is really important to choose right medicines with right cost, to not needlessly waste more expensive resources. We will of course make medicines in our pharmacy! We need also some break rooms for our doctors, who will need every moment of rest after hard days work. And yes, they will need it badly.

Another crucial aspect of the game is the expansion of our hospital tower. We will begin from the lowest levels and most basic offices to, with time, build upwards and rent new unused spaces. To expand we will need serious money, earned by treating patients quick and well, so we need to plan ahead the plan of expansion, to not waste hard earned money. Game is free to play, so, like in many productions of this type we will find the shop with premium currency. Rest assured, however, that this is not breaking the game balance, just speed up few things (like construction or treatment time). For skilled managers this won’t be a necessary thing to do!

Kapi Hospital Tower to really well made, broad and engaging hospital simulator. Simple at first glance, but getting more challenging game mechanics will please beginners and more hardcore gamers. Everything is presented with great nice graphics and climactic soundtrack. Try yourself in the managers role!