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Make a fortune on frigid frontier!

Do you want to live an adventure on the frigid border of Canada and Alaska? If so, Klondike: the Lost Expedition is the game for you! Build your settlement, farm and make friends, and of course go on dangerous journeys for treasures and adventure!

Klondike: Lost Expedition

Klondike: The Lost Expedition is a browser-based game developed by Vizor Interactive, which can be described as a combination of economic strategy and farm simulator. Its action takes place in the first half of the XIX century in the far north of America, somewhere on the border of Alaska and Canada. This harsh region was the destination of the father of our hero (or heroine) who embarked on a quest to get riches. Unfortunately, he never came back. The protagonist decides to travel to the location which was described by his/her father in his final letter to find him and become rich along the way.

Klondike: Lost Expedition

To achieve these goals, our hero needs a base of operations. We build it on one of the glades of the game world. But in order to build anything, we need three things - money, raw materials and free space. The key to getting these last two is working - you need to clear forests, cut grass or crush stones. We do this by clicking on a specific item on the map and waiting for our hero to perform the action. It should be noted that unlike many other productions similar to Klondike: The Lost Expedition, acquiring resources from trees or stones isn't that easy, as these have certain durability which needs to be worn down in order to get rid of them completely. Of course, this requires an appropriate amount of energy, symbolized by the number of blue lightnings visible at the top of the screen. We regenerate it, for example, by performing certain tasks.

We can accelerate the destruction of objects with dynamite. It is available for purchase in the game store but is not cheap.

Klondike: Lost Expedition


Interestingly enough, sometimes after clearing an object, you can encounter cubbyholes. After clicking on them, various things fall out, including items necessary to complete the so-called. sets - completing them can yield attractive prizes, as well as money. To get more of it, you can also complete tasks or sell accumulated goods.

It is worth noting that not all tasks have to be performed alone. For example, we can get Innuits to help us. However, getting their help costs premium currency called emeralds. The amount we have to spend depends on how many natives we want to involve and for how long. A slightly cheaper option, because it requires ordinary gold, is to hire friend characters. However, remember that they also need shelter. We provide it by building huts.

If friends aren't staying at our farm, we can visit theirs. This gives you a chance to see how the farm is decorated, or you can search the premises for items. However, you need to be careful, because the number of actions to perform in a friendly settlement is limited.

Klondike: Lost Expedition


Once we clear the area of clutter, we can start developing our farm. Start with flower beds. These are available in a few types - the more expensive ones offer faster growth of plants (we can make this process even more faster by using special fertilizers) These are also available in a few types. When it comes to variety of plants, we can sow beans, strawberries, rye, carrots, cabbage or peppers.

Then we can focus on building structures. Each of them consists of several segments, the preparation of which requires a certain number of raw materials and special items. Some of them, as mentioned earlier, can be found on the map, others are produced by certain buildings constructed by us earlier (however, it must be remembered that this takes time, so it is worthwhile to prepare a suitable stockpile in advance), others can be purchased, and still others are formed as a result of the synthesis of two other elements.

Klondike: Lost Expedition

Animals such as chickens and cows are also an important part of our farm. The former lay eggs, and the latter give milk. To get access to these products, however, you need to remember about regular feeding, whether with the help of specially purchased feed or raw materials encountered on the map.

By default, purchased animals graze on the farm on their own. However, special shelters can be built for them, providing them with a special place, for example, to lay eggs. More expensive chicken coops or barns are able to produce feed for our animals, so we do not have to buy it every now and then. What is more important, to breed certain types of fauna you need a dedicated building. For example, a pond is necessary to have swans in your menagerie.

Klondike: Lost Expedition

When creating your farm, you must, first of all, ensure that it is as efficient as possible. However, it is also worth remembering about its aesthetics. It is not only about the nice layout of buildings, but also the addition of cosmetic elements. We are talking about elegant fences with which you can surround your crops, animals or structures, ornamental plants, gazebos, benches, sculptures and similar objects. It is worth noting that all things raised by us can be moved and rotated freely, so if we make a mistake, then nothing is lost.

Through various activities, completing mission objectives etc. we receive experience points, symbolized by gold stars. When we amass the right amount of them, we will advance to the next level. This involves various rewards in the form of, for example, emeralds and gold, as well as unlocking new buildings, animals and plants that we can put in our settlement.

As the game progresses, we also get access to the world map. There are a number of locations (some of them are open only periodically) that we can visit and collect resources, open treasure chests, etc. there. These locations are accessible with dog sleds. However, there are two things to remember. Firstly, they have a limited range, depending on the amount of food we give our animals. Secondly, sleds have a strictly defined payload capacity. If we overcumber the sled during an expedition we will not be able to move and we will be forced to dispose of a certain number of goods. Of course, during the game we can buy better and better sleds, offering larger capacity.

Klondike: Lost Expedition

Although Klondike: The Lost Expedition can be played without spending any real money, the game offers an option to purchase premium currency - emeralds. They serve not only to recruit Inuit, but also, among other things, to skip missions, to obtain additional gold, to immediately unlock objects or to purchase additional cosmetic items for our hero.

Klondike: The Lost Expedition boasts simple, two-dimensional, but quite attractive graphics. Snow-covered areas, finely crafted building models and stately elements of the environment are able to create a pleasant climate of unmeasured, wild North America of the first half of the XIX century. The game is also complemented by lively music.

Klondike: Lost Expedition


So if you are a fan of farming games, whose action takes place in the most diverse climates, then it is worth giving Klondike: The Lost Expedition a try. The title is able to provide stress-free entertainment for many hours. This is mainly provided through the possibility of exploring different areas, which really can be addictive.

Here are some tips that will help you in the beginning:

  1. Watch your energy bar. When you decide to do too many things at once, the energy will deplete fast.
  2. Remember to clean the area of your settlement. This will provide you not only with raw materials, but also a chance to get additional treasures on the way.
  3. Log in everyday. When you do, you get a chance to spin the wheel of fortune, which can lead to extra gold and resources.