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Become the best admiral in the navy

Welcome to the world of Legend of Warships an online economic-strategy game available for free. As you probably guessed from the title, each of the players will play in as a navy admiral, whose goal is to gain dominance over the seas. Create your epic fleet, customize and improve ships and use them to defeat all enemies in dynamic battles!

Legend of Warships

In order to play Legend of Warships, you have to create an account. After that, the game will allow you to choose an avatar and the name of your admiral. You also have to join one out of the three factions (Honor, Tradition, Justice). Even though the game suggests which faction to choose, don't be afraid to choose the one whose description you like the most. This choice is mostly cosmetic. The last thing you have to do is to complete a short plot-driven tutorial which will teach you the game's mechanics. For the first few minutes with the game, you will be clicking through various tabs pointed by the hand icon.

Legend of Warships

You can quickly notice that the naval battles are done here in automatic mode we can't control our ships during battles. Despite the similar names, Legend of Warships has nothing to do with World of Warships. Unlike the game by Wargaming studio, Legend of Warships is a strategic game, and combat is only a test of whether our decisions about the strategic development of the fleet were correct. We can fight in several modes. Thanks to that, you won't get bored with the story mode. These modes are:

  • Conquest
  • Challenge
  • Battle
Legend of Warships

As I mentioned, the key to success is an excellent strategy for the development of the fleet: modernization of ships, weapons customization, active skills of individual ships and even... captains! So, as you can see there are plenty of options here and, at first glance, they can overwhelm even those players who are familiar with the genre. However, don't be afraid reaching new levels unlocks individual elements to develop your fleet, so the game will not throw us immediately into the deep end. A little more curious players can read in-depth descriptions of the ships, which contain even the smallest historical information about each of them!

Legend of Warships

The basis of the gameplay in the early stages of the game are story quests located in the upper right corner of the screen. Quests are a natural continuation of the tutorial perform them to learn more advanced gameplay mechanics, as well as the storyline. Missions involve not only naval battles but also the development of the fleet and even the study of military technology. By completing them we not only get a lot of awards but also experience points. The agents tab is also important we can exchange special tokens (earned it in missions and other events) for new epic ships!

Legend of Warships

Legend of Warships is a free game with premium options. The game uses a premium currency diamonds. The items we can buy are mostly boosters and items that shorten the waiting time for some of the actions. However, those who play for free don't need to worry at all. The developers have prepared a number of opportunities for premium content. We can get them from daily rewards that are available in Walfare Hall, Check-ins, quests, special events, and even achievements related to in-game progress! There are many opportunities to get diamonds, but we recommend that you manage them wisely and not spend them in the early stages of the game.

Legend of Warships

Legend of Warships is a very interesting title, especially for fans of strategy and economic games. Even though it seems to be based on the classic solutions known from other browser games, the gameplay manages to be dynamic, exciting and fresh. This game focuses primarily on strategy the gameplay won't get old fast. Legend of Warships also offers great graphics, an atmospheric soundtrack, as well as interesting cosmetic items. Become the titular fleet legend for free!

Useful tips for novice admirals:

  • Choosing a faction is basically a cosmetic option choose the one that suits you,
  • Complete the tutorial to effectively start your game,
  • Even if you don't have time to play the game every day, sign in to Legend of Warships for daily rewards (at Walfare Hall),
  • The same goes for the rewards in the Check-in tab,
  • Each element of the menu marked with a red "dot" means that you have to something important to do in that section,
  • When expanding your fleet with more powerful ships, don't forget to replace the weak ones and plan your formation strategy.