An online mafia strategy game

Welcome to a world filled with wealth, power, fraud and wars between families. In Mafia City, you become a leader of one of the crime families and fight for domination on the map. All this is available in a strategy-economic mobile game that has more content than some PC titles! And as you might expect from the productions available on our website the game is available absolutely for free!

Mafia City

After downloading and installing the game, we go right into the gameplay. The game opens with a tutorial that serves as the prologue of the story this is typical for mobile games of this genre. We meet here our assistant, Jennifer, who will help us understand the basic gameplay rules. All this is completely scripted, so our task is mainly to click on the specified parts of the menu and learn the mechanics. Take my word for it at first glance, it may seem excessive, but the amount of content can be overwhelming, so it is worth learning as much information from the tutorial as possible!

In the tutorial, we learn that our main task is to develop a mafia empire, more precisely, our property and the nearby city. We take care of the infrastructure, its development, resources, as well as staff and our subordinates. The number of available buildings here is impressive: from the Invest Center, Restaurant, Vault, Radar, as well as clubs, casinos and warehouses. Each of the buildings has several levels of development, so the strategy of improving individual industries is key here. You don't have to worry because the story missions will help you in deciding on the initial improvements.

Each of the buildings also has its own special purpose training unique units, searching for potential threats, and even mini-games like roulette, or 3 cups (which will help us get women's attention). Since I have already talked about training units, we should discuss the combat mechanics. The world of Mafia City is filled with hostile gangs, thugs, cruel policemen and even... samurai. Our main task is to spy on suspicious people and then defeat them with the help of our small army. We do not influence the course of the battle. Because of that, our choices regarding individual units are very important!

It is also worth mentioning that the game offers dozens of unique characters available in the Family Club building. Each of them has unique passive abilities that affect directly the two fields in which gangsters should specialize: infrastructure development and combat. Of course, each of the characters specializes in a different field we can find a specialist in increasing cash income, a master of destroying enemy cars, as well as a specialist in espionage. Individual heroes will be unlocked for the "pieces" that we acquire in both everyday activities and special events.

Mafia City also offers a wide range of elements known from RPGs that will indirectly affect our city's development and effectiveness in combat. We have to equip the hero with unique items and develop their abilities (including active ones don't forget to activate them in the main menu every few / a dozen hours)! Remember, however, to think before investing skill points to reset them, you will have to pay 1,000 gold (premium currency)! The game also allows us to choose the appearance of our avatar and a brief description that will represent our motto.

Speaking of gold, now is the moment to discuss premium content. Mafia City is available in a free-to-play model which means that it also has a premium store. Gold bought for real money allows you to purchase resources, boosters reducing construction time the buildings in the city, as well as additional assistants, character fragments, etc. All game content is available completely for free. The premium currency is not required for any of the basic mechanics! Gold is an option mainly for those players who would like to compete in ranked battles with players from around the world let's not forget that Mafia City is an online game.

So, as you can see, Mafia City's content is not only similar but also more extensive than some of the PC titles. Great graphics, very atmospheric setting, and a free-to-play system that is completely fair play to the player. If you are looking for games for short breaks at school or at work Mafia City will be an excellent choice! Also, is there another mobile game that has such a beautiful assistant...? :)

Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Complete the tutorial carefully be sure to read everything written in the windows popping on the screen to learn the gameplay mechanics.
  • During the tutorial you, will be able to complete most buildings in the express mode. Click on the "FREE" emote every time it appears on the left side of the interface,
  • Collect rewards for daily entry as well as for completing daily missions,
  • Red dots in different parts of the menu mean that this tab has a reward or has an important action,
  • E-money, goods, gifts, and even enemy spies will appear on the map remember that these actions are not performed automatically, they must be done manually through a simple click,
  • Join a clan as soon as possible being a member gives you access to a variety of bonuses, including assistance mechanics that reduce the waiting time to complete construction, etc.,
  • Do not use the boosters during the initial stage of the game. The waiting time increases with each level of development of the base, so it is certainly more profitable to use them later in the game,
  • The same goes for the gold obtained for free use it only at later stages of the game.