Magic Nations is a free fantasy online role-playing card game.

Choose your favorite race, make your own deck, collect powerful units and fight opponents online! Everything for free, on Steam!

The first free-to-play production by PrimeBit Games brings us to the world of magic and powerful creatures. The game can be played using the Steam account, so it doesnít require separate registration or downloading of the client - all you need to do is install it from Steam Store to enjoy many hours of fun! It's worth remembering that the game is only available in English.

In the animated intro, we discover the rich story of the game-world and events leading to a great war between the various races that we can play!

We can choose from the classics of the fantasy worlds such as:

  • Amazons,
  • Humans,
  • Dwarves,
  • Elves,
  • Necromancers,
  • Orcs.

Each of the races has its own unique features that provide an advantage in battles, so collecting cards, preparing the deck and tactics will provide hours of entertainment. We can check our cards and customize the deck in a special gallery that shows us the strength of cards from each race or their special features.

The game, though it may seem simple, allows us many possibilities known from paid productions such as Magic: The Gathering, Hearthstone or Gwint - if you know and played these titles, you will feel at home! Gameplay in Magic Nations can start immediately from the fight against online players, complex campaigns, but also from the tutorial that allows us to learn the bacics of game - everything from the simple and transparent menu.

Richly illustrated, card battles are played on one simple screen. Each of the cards has its own statistics (such as speed, health, attack and defense), as well as bonus actions that support them on the battlefield - so it is important to have excellent knowledge of your own deck. Our units can be ranged or melee, which determines in which row of battlefield we set them. Whatís interesting, ranged units have their own unique types of attacks that generate additional effects. You have sixty seconds to set up selected cards and then the battle begins!

The game has a few basic rules on which the fight is based, and these are similar to many standard card games. These rules include:

  • the game consists of rounds, and these are divided into turns in which we perform our attacks or add new cards;
  • speed of the card determines the time of attack, and the type of unit (shooting or melee fighting) form of attack;
  • the unit receives damage only after destroying its defense;
  • after each round we get an extra card;
  • the fight ends when all the cards on the battlefield are defeated;

Interestingly, the game also introduced some modifications to the standard card mechanics, for example: the lack of counter-attack if the character on the attacking card is a woman or the inability to attack the unit if itís further than three cards in a row from the attacker. Huge number of additional effects assigned to units (such as boost to stats, additional damage to the cards surrounding the attacked one, the possibility of a bonus attack) significantly affects the fate of the battle.

At this moment, Magic Nations have two game modes: Quick Play and campaigns. In the case of Quick Play, we face real online players - game selects them according to the availability on the server. We can communicate with players through the built-in chat and invite them to friends-list after a fight. Quick Play also allows us to complete daily tasks that can be checked in the main menu. The campaign mode is a series of missions prepared for each race - it allows us to become familiar with various decks and prepare tactics for every occasion. Each mission has its own animated introduction that will draw us even further into the story of the Magic Nation. The level of difficulty increases with each mission, so it happens that some battles have to be repeated several times. After the fight, we can observe the character's development and prizes, such as boosters, cards or coins. The game also offers the ability to perform daily tasks that increase our gold level for which we can buy boosters.

Magic Nations is a game that will fully satisfy not only fans of fantasy and card games, but also people looking for a nicely illustrated and beginner-friendly game. Interesting story supported by classic mechanics will make the time spent with the game unforgettable. Download the game for free and see for yourself!

Few tips for the begginers:

  • Take a moment to finish the tutorial, you will learn the basics of the fight, as well as the main tricks useful in the fight against players and the campaign,
  • Carefully check all the cards you have in the deck, the score of the game depends on their special skills,
  • After reaching the next level, always check if your deck doesnít require changes suited to your new strength,
  • Take time to play the available campaigns, thanks to them youíll prepare for a battles with real players, as well as get new cards,
  • Perform daily tasks to get coins and buy boosters, you can also exchange cards with other players,
  • Do not forget to add new cards to the battlefield during your turn,
  • Before the fight with real players online, make sure that your deck is fully prepared and you are ready to play - surrendering the fight results in penalty experience points lowering your level and place in the ranking.