Build your rail empire!

Who doesn't dream about travelling the world in train as a child? If you did not see the game that will invite you to the rail world, now it is time! Manage your rail empire, fight for customers and expand!

Rail World

After first login, we’re greeted by tutorial, which has become a nice standard for mobile economic games. Carol, virtual conductor will lead you through first moments of the game. She’ll teach us basic rules of the game – building your own city, train base, trade routes and web of connections. Yes, Rail World allows us to develop not only rail network, but also whole city, which becomes our headquarters. From this city we’ll oversee the development of other facilities. This is why strategic thinking is so important, and city space is limited! After completing the tutorial, we’re ready for quests ahead that will lead us to optimizing our own city.

As the game name suggests, the main focus is on rail and trains. City aside, we’ll have to take care of whole infrastructure of railroads. We’ll start the game with one passenger engine, but in time we’ll get access to more advanced machines, like heavy transportation locomotives or fast electrical engines. Trains aside, we’ll also make new rail connections, on which the trains will move. Game offers realistic map of Europe, with the most important cities! Each of the places has its own rates and goods, differently priced tickets etc. Player will decide which connection is most profitable, and with progress our empire will grow in strength to eventually conquer whole map!

Game is based on Free to Play model and is completely free. There’s also a microtransaction shop, which offers diamonds, a premium currency. Don’t worry, Upjers, developer of the games is known for its fair approach to the players and doesn’t exploit the microtransactions. Everything is achivable with a little patience and strategic planning. Developer also provides different ways to get premium currency for free.

Rail World is a great game mainly due to its unusual setting and expansive gameplay. Simple at first, we’re introduced to more and more complicated mechanics, which will chain you to the mobile screen for hours. Everything is completed by good looking and cartoony graphic, pleasant music, which makes game much more enjoyable.

Man your trains and full speed ahead! Rail World awaits!