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Build your land and lead your armies to victory!

The epoch in the history of your people has ended. He decided to leave a barren, war-torn land and move elsewhere. However, before he manages to form an appropriate position in the new world, he will face many hardships and dangers. We must help our subjects overcome all adversities. Enter the world of Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade, expand your cities and lead your armies into battle, emphasizing your dominance over others.

Rise of Kingdoms

Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade is a strategy game developed by Lilith Games, designed for mobile devices with Android and iOS systems. The production takes players to ancient times, when different peoples were looking for their place on earth. During the game, we take control of one tribe of this type. Our task is to lead him to the role of a local power. However, the matter will be made more difficult for us by a whole lot of adversities, headed by barbarians and other leaders who will not always be friendly to us.

Rise of Kingdoms

We start the game in Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade by choosing the civilization that our tribe will represent. There are several available in the title, including Romans, Byzantines, Britons, Spaniards, Japanese, French, Germans and Chinese. Each is distinguished not only by its visual aspect, but also various bonuses, such as increased strength of given units in the army or a bonus to the speed of gathering resources. Therefore, it is worth considering carefully before making a decision, as it will not be possible to change it anymore.

When we finally like one of the civilizations, we can move on to the proper game. It begins with the city map - the heart of our community. We observe them from the isometric projection. At the beginning, the settlement consists of several buildings surrounded by a defensive wall. In order not to be left behind, we must quickly try to get more. First of all, it is necessary to take care of the most basic raw materials, which are wood and food. They are needed for practically everything, including the construction of subsequent structures. We produce them in the Sawmill and the Farm, respectively. These structures, as well as all the others, can be placed in any unoccupied place within the walls. When we decide on one, all we have to do is tap a bird and wait a while. After that, the building will be ready. After a few minutes, a corn or wood beam icon will appear above it. It is enough to press on it and the raw materials will go to our warehouses.

As the game progresses, we will gain access to new resources - gold and stone. They are necessary to be able to erect more advanced structures, among other things.

Importantly, various materials can also be obtained as rewards for performing various tasks. We are talking here, for example, about weekly missions and achievements.

Rise of Kingdoms

When we have constant access to raw materials, we can start building other structures. They are divided into three categories. The first one is called the Economy and its members, apart from the structures already described which produce various types of stocks, include, among others, Academy. It is a very important building, because in it we can, for example, develop various types of bonuses, as well as unlock more and more powerful military units.

The latter can be recruited in structures from the second category, i.e. the Army. The barracks, archers and other soldiers involved in throwing the shooting range are used to appoint infantrymen, and the riders in the Stable, and the Workshop is used to build siege machines. Each of these types of soldiers has its own stats and is better for other tasks. It is therefore necessary to ensure the greatest possible diversity in our army. However, you can't get too much into recruiting, because you should remember, among other things, that in order to train soldiers, you need to spend the right amount of resources - the more powerful the type of unit, the more you need.

The third category of buildings present in Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade is Decorations. It consists of roads that can be used to connect individual structures (but it is not necessary), trees or monuments. These elements do not have any specific role. We can put them mainly to create an aesthetic impression of watching our city.

Rise of Kingdoms

Importantly, most of the buildings available in Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade can be upgraded. Of course, this requires spending a certain amount of resources (it increases depending on the level) and waiting for a certain amount of time. Why is it worth doing? First of all, to increase their efficiency. However, in the case of the Town Hall there are a few other amenities. First of all, it unlocks access to further constructions and other elements offered by the game. Secondly, it allows you to advance to the next epochs. There are five of them - Stone, Bronze, Iron, Dark and Feudal. Skipping to each of them is associated with, for example, improving the appearance of our city and enlarging its borders.

When we have the appropriate facilities built and recruited army, we can finally go beyond the borders of our city. It is just part of a much larger map, full of an army of barbarians, independent towns that can give us various gifts, outposts that will provide us with resources for some time, or, finally, other players' cities. At the beginning of the game, however, most of the area is covered with the fog of war. In order to reveal it, it is necessary to send scouts to various areas. We recruit them in the appropriate building in our settlement.

Rise of Kingdoms

Virtually every activity we perform on the world map requires sending an army. At the beginning, we can only field one team, but with time it will be possible to lead more into battle. However, it is imperative that a leader be at the head of the army. There are quite a few of them in the game. Some are anonymous and some are real historical figures related to different civilizations. For example, the Britons are represented by Boudica, who became famous for battles with the Romans, the French by Joan of Arc, the Vikings by Ragnar Lodbrok, and the Romans by Julius Caesar. At the beginning, each faction has access only to the generals assigned to it, but the option to recruit more will soon appear, which can be done by opening special chests in the Farms (once in a while it is free, and apart from heroes, you can find additional resources in them, for example) . Therefore, nothing prevents, for example, the Chinese Cao Cao and the Spaniard El Cid fighting side by side for Korea.

Leaders vary greatly. Their specializations are defined by three words that can be found under the hero's name on the screen describing him. And so, for example, Tamara - the queen of Georgia, feels good in leading various types of troops, collecting raw materials and providing support to her soldiers and allies. Others may prefer cavalry, others have bonuses to fight barbarians, etc.

Rise of Kingdoms

Each hero can be promoted to the next levels. First, they have to collect an appropriate number of experience points, which are awarded after winning fights, for example with barbarians, using special books obtained during the game, etc. Each promotion is rewarded with a talent point, which, in turn, can be used by assigning it to one of the perks present on three trees of development of a given Commander, which makes them even better in their specializations.

Commanders also have their own individual skills, both active, which are activated when they fill their rage bar, and passive, which guarantee various bonuses. In order to be able to buy new ones or expand the ones already owned by a given hero, it is necessary to spend an appropriate number of busts. These can be obtained, among others, by opening the above-mentioned chests.

In later levels, there will also be an option to increase the combat skills of our leaders by assigning them various items. We can create them, among others, in the Forge, one of the buildings available for construction in our city.

When we manage to place the army with the appropriate leader, we can go into battle. It happens largely automatically. However, we have an influence on which direction the troops move. Therefore, we can try, for example, to hit the opponent from the flank, which results in greater losses that we can inflict on him.

Rise of Kingdoms

With our armies, we can not only walk on the map, collect resources, fight barbarians or invade other players' settlements for plunder (or defend ourselves against such attacks by other daredevils, for which it is necessary, for example, to expand the city's defensive walls, build a hospital, which will heal our warriors after a fight or erect a warehouse to protect some of our supplies from looting). We also have the option of taking part in the mode called Expedition. It is a series of battles with increasing difficulty level, for winning which we can receive attractive prizes.

All the things described above can be done alone. Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade, of course, offers the possibility of more interaction with other players. As already mentioned, there is an option to raid their settlements. In addition, you can fight with them in the Twilight Canyon mode, as well as join Alliances and not only defend yourself together, but also even lead armies together in huge battles with other guilds as part of the Ark of Osiris and the League of Osiris.

If we are not entirely satisfied with the pace of events in Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade, we may be interested in VIP status. It guarantees various bonuses to the production speed of various resources, etc. The higher the level of this state, the greater the bonuses we can count on. How to be promoted to the next? The easiest way is to just log in every day and collect points. However, there is an option to spend Gems. It is a kind of premium currency, small amounts of which are given away for free during the game, but more specific numbers can be obtained only by spending real money. Gems can be spent on various accelerators, keys for opening chests, etc.

Rise of Kingdoms

Real currency is also needed to buy various types of privileges and packages with valuable items. Certainly they can make your life much easier, but acquiring them is not critically necessary.

Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade can boast of very nice and extremely colorful graphics, falling into a strongly cartoon atmosphere. Most of all, the beautifully animated character models can be liked. The music is also able to please and both relax and warm up to the fight.

Rise of Kingdoms

To sum up, Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade is another free production that should appeal to people who like to expand their cities and lead their armies into battle. The gameplay can be engaging, and an active community will often make the emotions reach their zenith.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Build up your army as quickly as possible. It will not only allow you to attack more and more powerful opponents, but also to defend more effectively.
  2. Remember to regularly collect resources and build new buildings that produce them, if possible.
  3. Consider joining the Alliance or creating your own and move your city as close as possible to other members.
  4. If you fall victim to the plunderers, don't forget to rebuild your walls.