A fairy tale online strategy game

Build a magical farm in the forest and let it become a new kingdom that will lift the curse of the evil witch Altessa! Sow seeds, grow plants and harvest crops, feed animals and turn your castle into a thriving kingdom! Get access to new fields and forests, and meet new, magical friends. Play thousands of missions help your allies and banish Altessa and her servants from the forest forever!

After logging in for the first time, it is hard to tell what Royal Kingdom is about. At first glance, the game may seem like a farm simulator in a different setting, but this is not true. The game by Plinga studio is, above all, a pleasant strategy game in which our task is to develop from scratch a magical kingdom. At first, you will focus on simple actions such as sowing plants, feeding our pets and cleaning the stones and shrubs lying on our land. It is also worth mentioning that you can customize your avatar from the beginning of the game. You can choose not only your nickname but also gender, appearance and... outfit!

By making progress, you will be able to do more in the game. At level 10, we will get the opportunity to build buildings windmills, workshops, and cottages, but also palaces, defensive towers, gardens and others. From that moment on, the game will become a full-fledged strategic production, in which only we can shape our kingdom! It should also be mentioned that the fastest progress in the game will be achieved by completing the following story quests. They aren't only tutorials, but also allow us to optimize the process of development of our (stating) village and teach us useful habits.

Royal Story is completely free with no hidden costs! Of course, there is a premium currency rubies, which will allow players to purchase additional and cosmetic items, but they are not necessary for you to enjoy the game. Moreover, the developers are fair towards all players that is why they have prepared numerous activities where you can get said rubies. They aren't only story quests. You also get rubies by unlocking achievements or as daily rewards. You now know that rubies are valuable time for good advice. Don't waste them in the initial stages of the game they will be useful much more in the future.

Royal Story is a great position for those who are looking for a simple and enjoyable game with not too complicated mechanics for short sessions. The fairy tale setting makes this game suitable even for the youngest players. The game, of course, is completely free and doesn't have any hidden fees (they are only an additional option). Step into this world today and defeat the evil Altessa and her servants!