Become stone age ruler in free game!

Stonies is a tongue-in-cheek simulator of the Stone Age village from the well-known Upjers Studio. The game allows you to direct the small tribe, in which it will depend on you whether it will succeed and create a primitive civilization, or will die in the abyss of history. Become the best leader now!


The game will welcome the players with the intuitive tutorial that will quickly introduce us to the basic mechanics. Thanks to it, we will create the first buildings, obtain raw materials and increase the size of our tribe. The tutorial will also show us the "tasks", which in the first phases of the game will be the best way to develop our “capital” (mainly thanks to the rewards offered for them).

What would a great village without its inhabitants be? Stonies - because that’s how game calls our units – are the ones thanks to whom we collect food, raw materials and create various buildings. Of course, at the very beginning we will get the ability to build basic structures and gathering skills to develop them in later stages. Crafting is another important element of the game - thanks to it we will create the tools needed by our Stonies to work.

However, not only settlement development is important here. Our tribe must survive, and to achieve this we will make our Stonies feel save and content. Our main concern will be dealing with their growing requirements. As a ruler you will have to pay attention to their needs!

Stonies is a completely free title (based on free-to-play model) so there is also a premium store with additional, premium currency - jewels. Jewels will slightly speed-up the expansion of our village, however they are not necessary to enjoy a full game. In addition, the Upjers studio is known for its fair-play approach towards players. The creators have prepared a number of activities for the players to earn both premium currency and valuable prizes. For example you will be able to get free daily boosters that randomly provide us with valuable loot.

Stonies is a perfect choice for all the history and strategy games fans. So if you missed this type of games, then this mobile simulator will make you feel like home! Extensive gameplay, interesting tasks and a lot of customization options - these features will make you sink into the game world for long time!

Few tips for the beggining stone-agers:

  • Try to get the most out of the game tutorial, because it explains the basic mechanics in easiest way,
  • Optimize the space management of the village to maximize the acquisition of resources,
  • Receive free boosters that will give you valuable rewards,
  • Try to do as much missions as possible, to earn premium currency...
  • …which you shouldn’t use until later stages of the game, because its value will increase significantly.