A record-breaking mobile RPG game!

Welcome to Summoners War – one of the most popular mobile games in the world. Your task is to create a powerful team of fairy tale characters and control them in epic battles, both in PvE mode and against real players. Exciting gameplay, interesting characters, great graphics – try it now for free!

Summoners War

Older players may, at first glance, see Summoners War as a hybrid of Japanese RPG classics – Pokιmon and Final Fantasy VII. Both associations are right, however, thanks to the mix of the elements of different genres, Summoners War cannot be easily classified as a single genre. However, it is a game that focuses on dynamic but tactical combat and RPG elements, that is the development of your team and its statistics.

After downloading and installing the game, we are greeted with a tutorial that is an integral part of the game's plot. Don't worry – the tutorial is perfectly done. You won't be clicking through the next "tips". Instead, it consists of actual gameplay where you can learn the basic mechanics. All of this (as I mentioned) is integral to the game's plot, which makes the beginning of our adventure even more exciting. In the following paragraphs, I will focus on the most important aspects and strategies!

Combat is the basis of every RPG – regardless of whether it was made in Japan or the West. The same goes for Summoners War. You quickly learn that the game uses a turn-based combat system. Your party consists of monsters and heroes which resemble the Pokιmon and Final Fantasy series. The similarities, however, do not end here. Elements of individual units play a significant role – their effectiveness depends on the type of enemy you are facing. The tactical placement of your units and the order in which they attack and use skills are equally important. How do we get new heroes? The answer is very simple – by summoning them in our city (more about it soon). Our heroes get experience. Besides that, we can also get them special runes, equipment, or even evolve into different forms! Remember – each hero (the game has more than 1,000 of them!!!) is unique and has their own set of skills. Finding the ideal party is quite a challenge! I almost forgot – fights are divided into PvE mode (story maps and team raids), as well as PvP battles with other players!

Back to the city. Each player starts the game with their city – this place serves as the main hub. We develop our infrastructure, upgrade existing buildings, etc. Each of the buildings has useful functions, without which we won't be able to progress. Among the available buildings, we have a portal through which we can summon monsters, a fountain designed to collect mana and even the main tower of the summoner. Another aspect worth mentioning is the community and social features of the game. Here, we have an advanced guild system (we recommend joining a guild as soon as possible!), but also built-in chat with various channels, the official forum, and the game's wiki page, where everyone will find dozens of useful information and tips. The game's community is definitely one of the best in modern online games! Nice additions are the screens with tips from professional players that appear when you download the latest patches and updates with new content!

Summoners War is completely for free. Of course, the game has premium options available for real money – boosters, extra rubies used in the process of summoning heroes, and items that make the gameplay easier. However, we can play the game without spending even a dollar – all we need is a bit of patience and... strategic skills. Why? Because we can get a huge number of rewards by completing daily missions, story challenges and unlocking achievements. The developers have also prepared several bonuses for new players. Initially, we can only access starting premium packs thanks to which we can save a lot of money and get extremely valuable rewards. So, if you are thinking about spending money, these packs will be perfect for you. It is also worth mentioning the rewards for logging into Summoners War every day. Even if you don't plan to play for a longer period, log into the game to pick up your free rewards and bonuses!

Summoners War is the perfect offer for players looking for a demanding and advanced mobile game. It is generally believed that games available on mobile devices can't be treated as real video, however, Summoners War proves that this is not true. Great gameplay, cartoon graphics, thousands of monsters and heroes to collect... and all this is available for free, with no hidden fees. Download and check for yourself today – tens of millions of players around the world can't be wrong!

Helpful tips for aspiring monster hunters:

  • Carefully complete the tutorial, as the tips contained there will allow you to quickly understand the mechanics of the game... and there are a lot of them,
  • Get rewards for logging into the game every day, as well as for other activities such as daily quests, challenges, and achievements,
  • In the beginning, you will only get weak monsters. Use them to improve your main characters,
  • Start taking part in PvP battles as soon as possible because they provide a substantial amount of rewards,
  • Place new buildings as soon as possible to get additional quests, as well as unique bonuses,
  • Try to join a guild in the early stages of the game. You will find not only additional activities but also get help and answers to your questions from other players.