Colourful runner with courageous unicorn!

Unicorn Run is free to play action game from very popular runner genre. We take control of brave unicorn, who will overcome many levels, with traps and enemies along the way.

Unicorn Run

Gameplay-wise, Unicorn Run consists of action platforming through various maps, riddled with traps and other obstacles. Developers prepared dozens of levels, so there won’t be a lot of repetition! To complete the game in story mode, we need to complete all of them with high scores. Unicorn Run offers also Endless Mode, in which we play until we lose all our lives.

The game is completely free, however, as expected from free to play title, we can visit shop with bonus content. Premium currency in the game are diamonds, that we can use to upgrade our unicorn abilities and reduced ad visibility. To enable players to experience full potential of the game, developers prepared few options to gain those diamonds. First of all, there are daily log-in bonuses, or ‘earnings’ for watching in-game ads or liking the Facebook fanpage. As we can see, developers wanted fair-play approach to their playerbase!

Unicorn Run is a perfect choice for everyone interested in quick, addictive and satisfactory game. It is completey free, and you can enjoy it freely without any restrictions. Go into Unicorn’s Run world and get carried in, with great graphics too boot!