Overcome evil deities and save the land in anime RPG!

Fiesta Online is a charming MMORPG, maintained in the style of anime, in which we’re playing as the champion goddess Teva, we set out on a mission to save the continent of Istya from the influence of evil gods.

Fiesta Online is the work of the Polish developer Gamigo AG. The production resembles such titles as Aura Kingdom or Twin Saga. However, it features a unique anime style, depicting the world of the game in vivid, joyful colors. Character models are made in cell-shading technique. To play it, you just have to download it.

We start our adventure by choosing from one of the six base character classes. They are: Fighter - a typical tank using sword and shield, Cleric - a holy warrior able to use healing magic, Archer - a specialist in distance combat and damage avoidance, Mage - a sorcerer who wields combat magic, an area attacker, Trickster - an agile and fast rogue who deals huge damage, but has very small HP. Each of them specializes in one type of weapon and has access to class skills, so it's a good idea to think in advance, which corresponds to the style of playing we expect. However, specialization is not the only option - weapon use skills and active and passive abilities are available to all character classes when they reach higher levels. Each character class after level 20 and 60 has a choice of a further advanced class, changing the way the game is played. So, the choice is quite big.

After choosing a character class, we have the opportunity to start a tutorial or go directly into the game. We recommend completing the tutorial – not only does it break down basic mechanics, and allows to get a powerful initial set of items – it actually is an interactive intro of the game. It allows you to get to know the outline of the story - from its end!

The tutorial is actually the beginning of history - in the near future, the land of Istya will be destroyed by evil deities. Our character, in the face of impending doom, travels back in time to Istyi before these unfortunate events take place – the land is still full of optimism, joyful colors and happy inhabitants. On the horizon, however, there is a menacing danger, so it is up to us whether the land will survive.

From the very beginning, we can feel how huge and detailed the game world is. If it wasn't for the presence of a great automatic route mapping tool and a handy minimap, it would be easy to get lost even in the smallest towns and villages. These are vibrant with life, thanks to the presence of many residents dealing with their affairs, from which we often have the pleasure of getting to know a strange individual. The game world is a relatively typical fantasy land, inhabited by people, elves and a whole lot of various exotic creatures. It is divided into many regions – some of them we are able to reach via teleport, others (for example dungeons or caves) will have to be searched for. Adding to this the very atmospheric soundtrack, we get a complete picture harking back to the best anime productions.

We can move around the world in several ways. In addition to walking, and a system of fast travel, in which we use teleportation scrolls, we can also use mounts, which will speed up our movement around the game world.

As in any other MMORPG title, Fiesta Online will present us with a series of tasks that will lead us from one city to another, from one zone to another, allowing us to collect gold, equipment and, of course, experience points. These tasks, classically, will give us a specific number of opponents of a given type to defeat, or the need to collect specific items. It is through their execution that we will avoid unnecessary level grinding. Promotion to higher levels is therefore fast and very simple unless we focus on searching for specific items, which can definitely lengthen this process.

Tasks also serve as a story of the fight between good and evil. And although the story may seem a bit cliché, it is still very well written, which will surely encourage fans stories in MMORPGs. Some of the tasks are multi-level – to complete them you will need much more time and travel to distant regions, but they often push the plot forward.

The combat system in the game is a classic example of a MMORPG mechanic. Most of the actions are performed by the mouse, but you can switch some of the controls to the keyboard. Thanks to this we will be able to fully and skillfully control our character on the battlefield, performing appropriate attacks, using skills and items, which is especially important in duels against other players. And although it may take some time for new players to get used to this combat system, after a short training the game will surely bring a lot of satisfaction. At times the game requires from us very skillful fingers, so it's worth to put some effort.

In Fiesta Online, each hero has a number of special skills at their disposal, which can be learned from the coaches along with the higher levels of experience he achieves. They are divided into active and passive skills. We use active skills in combat, each with a specific timer, we can also improve them at each new level. Some skills have a synergy between themselves, e.g. the ability to stun and attack, which deals extra damage to the stunned. Passive skills give permanent bonuses, but cannot be upgraded. The number of points to be distributed is limited, so you should plan your character's development on several levels forward. If you're not happy with your choices, you can always reset your skills with the right points - but it's time-consuming and a bit expensive to earn them.

One of the distinguishing features of Fiesta Online is the extensive social aspect of the game. There is a possibility of marrying players (which gives a pair of significant bonuses) and many other group activities, such as building your own 'portable' homes – after completing a certain task, the house is put at our disposal in a 'pocket' dimension - we can expand and decorate it by buying new furniture at the fair - and we can invite our friends to visit it! The game community is extremely friendly, and such events happen quite often.

Concluding, we should mention the premium currency, i.e. the Slime Points here. In Fiesta Online we will use these points, among others, to buy exotic mounts, cosmetic items, and home furnishings. The currency is not the cheapest, but the items you can buy are very attractive and useful. Interestingly, we can replace this currency with loyalty points, which we receive for daily logging in and doing special quests. Thanks to that we will surely be able to get at least some of the desired items with ease.

Fiesta Online is ultimately a quite complex classic MMORPG, vibrant with its life, where we may want to spend hundreds of hours. Despite many years on the market, the game still attracts players thirsty for light and joyful entertainment in a very friendly community and eye-catching audiovisual setting.

A few tips before you begin:

  • Log in every day, especially on the home page of the game, even if you don't plan to play long. In return, you can collect loyalty points to spend in the rewards shop,
  • It is worth investing in a mount - it will make it much easier to move around the game world.
  • It's worth spending some time practicing controls - this will turn out to be crucial in further fights,
  • Try to save gold, your equipment is easy to get from regular loot and tasks. Spend it on potions, teleportation coils and strengthening items,
  • By left-clicking on the available task window, it will start the automatic route procedure, which will lead you to your destination. Using the right button will indicate the target location on the map,
  • Try to go through the tutorial, and especially don't forget about the set of equipment available there, it is powerful enough that you can easily reach level 10 of character development, and maybe even longer.